Rockstar came to us with two words “Press Play”. And we took it from here.
Rockstar wanted to do a European re-launch of the brand platform. We developed the Press Play big idea into a comprehensive campaign with videos and KVs that showed the moment of switch between daily routine and fun.
PRESS PLAY campaign
launch in Europe
home credit
Home credit bank released a new card that offered 5% cashback on gaming related purchases.
So we used games CS: GO and DOTA2 as a platforms for creative activations that showed that 5% is a lot more than you think.
Credit Card For Gamers launch in CIS
We made the most successful Spotify launch ever. No kidding.
While working with Spotify we were lucky to create a lot of versatile advertising campaigns. But the one that put us on the map was the launch campaign. It was perfect in strategy and limitless in creativity.
Brand launch in CIS
Adrenaline Rush came to us for help with brand re-launch in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
We were happy to take on this task, because "Yes you can" was our big idea and we knew it better than anyone. So we dug into local insights and came up with a campaign that was true to its roots and relevant for new audience.
brand re-launch
in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
x spotify stage
Spotify and Rockstar wanted to launch an exclusive interactive concert platform.
So we came up with an idea where we filmed three live performances from singers from Germany, Poland and France and then integrated animated backgrounds that allowed users to be a part of their favorite celebrity concert.
interactive concert campaign
launch in Europe
Careerist is an educational platform that helps people to break into tech industry.
We won the pitch and then created social media strategy which turned into full creative social media support where we worked closely with client’s design team to create engaging posts, stories and reels.
Social media supportSMS
for USA tech-career platform
C. de Pallars, 108, 08018 Barcelona, Spain